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Oxygen Not Included e3 2016 version

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Is there a way to play Oxygen Not Included e3 2016 version??? 

(That one: 


Oxygen Not Included is my favourite game made by Klei. I really want to play this version. Its the most interesting early game build. it has original working Smelter and some buildings were Looking different. Im a huge fan of games beta/alpha content so im really interested to play that game version 







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4 hours ago, asurendra said:

There is no official way to do so. Maybe google can help you (if you know what i means)

I tried. i dig up the whole internet but i can't find it 


Maybe we could ask Klei?


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4 hours ago, SackMaggie said:

Try this


Thanks a lot but i tried this already, but U can't get version earlier then Agricultural Upgrade (18 may 2017)

However after digging up the whole internet i managed to get Thermal Upgrade and first public Alpha versions of the game. But I didn't find e3 2016 version or any version earlier then first public alpha 

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