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Some issues since the update

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So me and the wife (split screen) have only played once since the update for a few hours last night, so this stuff might be a one off, but we had a couple issues. Nothing game breaking but-

Sections of the map (both in map and in the actual world) had either incorrect turf displayed or water showing where it shouldn't be. I know this has been an ongoing issue, but last night was by far the worst I've ever seen it. There was roughly 10 large spots in the ocean showing turf/land when it should have been open water, and about another 10 large spots on land showing either incorrect turf or water where it shouldn't be.

The ocean stuff didn't effect us last night because we weren't sailing, and the incorrect turf on land is easily fixed with a pitchfork. The water showing on land is a bit of a different story because it can't be pitchforked. We've had 2 versions of this issue, 1 where you can walk on the water, and 1 where you can't (I can't remember if you can pitchfork the water you can walk on to fix it, but last night we weren't able to walk on the water).

It wasn't a huge deal last night, we didn't lose access to anything, but we have been cut off completely from sections of the map before due to this. Of course generally we can back out and reload to fix everything. But as I said, last night this issue was the most prevalent I've ever seen.

The next issue was a bit more impactful. We headed down to the caves, and over the course of about 10 minutes or so, roughly 30 to 50 percent of my attempts to gather lightbulbs/grass failed. I would click (press X, whatever) on a lightbulb plant/grass tuft, my character would begin the gather animation, it would be carried out a bit longer than normal, then it would just stop with nothing gathered and I would need to trigger it again. This kept happening back to back to back. Definitely a much bigger issue than the first.

Again, this was our first run since the update, we only played for a few hours, and this is split screen PS4.

On a separate note, another issue that we have had forever that I've just not brought up-

When we are both out sailing on the same boat, for whatever reason when my wife (first player on split screen) attempts to raise an anchor it immediately cancels and the anchor falls back down. It usually happens a good 5-6 times before the anchor can be successfully raised. For whatever reason I (second player on split screen) can always raise the anchor no problem on my first attempt. Not a huge deal, just a bit weird.

Edit #1: I also forgot to mention another long standing issue that I'm guessing only effects split screen (I could be wrong). Rowing with an oar as the second player always ends up glitching out fairly quickly. After a few successful oar actions the animation begins to take just a bit longer to complete (there's a little pause at the end), the sound effect stops playing, and rowing stops actually having any effect. You need to step away from the edge of the boat, move back into position and start rowing again.

It varies with how long it takes to glitch out, but I'm comfortable saying I can't expect to row successfully more than 15 times in a row before it glitches out. Very regularly 3-5 successive rows is all you can get before having to step away from the edge of the boat and move back into position.

I'm sure a lot of this can be attributed to the PS4 having to basically run DST 2 times at the same time, and we've been working around the boat stuff for years now so it's kind of business as usual. The new issue with gathering is pretty painful though. I did experience the same thing again today while gathering mushrooms. I'll try and do some heavy gathering tonight to gauge whether it's a constant issue or a sometimes kind of thing.

Edit #2- So after some heavy gathering today I did not experience the failed gather issue. Tested with both lightbulbs and grass. This was on a different world than previously, so I'm not sure if it was an issue with the other world or just a random issue that popped up then fixed itself.

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