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  1. Ty for the link and the respond. By splitcreen i was wondering how does the game work in general, but also are there any lags and delays. For example on ps4 pro when i run close to player 2 its common that both sides of the screen shows different positions of the heroes - on one part i'm in front, on second i'm not. So then in a fight avoiding an attack etc happens to be problematic especially with several hounds, bees etc cause one of the players has image acurate to the server, but one has delayed picture even though game is running smoothly - not sure if i wrote it properly
  2. Looks nice. Can you by any chance record split screen as well?
  3. Thank you guys for the answers. Situation where my gf didnt receive a gift but i did was a bit intense so you help me a lot About point 4. and save -so apparently my game does not work properly. As far as i remember my PC copy works exactly as you described but on ps4 i do lose my progress. Anyway again - thank you kindly! One more question: Can I buy skins / dlc heroes on the account without active ps+ membership?
  4. Hello, can anyone provide me an answer to few questions (ps4 version of DST) 1. What is the rule for daily log-in reward if i play on splitscreen? I play with my girlfriend, one of our acc has active PS+ and we play on online version. Sometimes both of us receive reward at the starting screen, sometimes just one of us or there is no reward at all. During the game both of us receive gifts ... 2. I can't attack Antlion. Is this boss blocked on ps4 version or do i need some fancy buttons combo to initiate the fight? 3. Not sure why but i have an impression that camera in the caves is closer so i see less on the screen than outside. Is it fixable or just in my mind? :-) 4. Is there a way to force saving? At this moment i wait till the end of the night to get autosave, but maybe there is a way to make save on demand? Ty kindly for the answers