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Another Woodie Re - Refresh Suggestion

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What if while in Were - form Woodie could more easily transform between his forms, and each had the capability of counteracting each forms weakness? The goal is to make turning into each form more engaging, prevents any form from becoming redundant, and puts Woodie into a much more unique position amongst the other characters.

Here is what would need to change to make this work.

  • Totems would need to change to be more durability based, rather than individually crafted. Mechanically they would still work the same, but would consume more monster meat to transform initially, and are rechargeable with monster foods.
  • If Woodie is in Were form he can shift to another form at a reduced totem durability loss if the respective totem is in his inventory.
  • Hunger isn't turned off, but falls faster while in Were form.
  • Taking damage while in Moose form also takes a hit at the Were meter as well.
  • Beaver form regains the ability to consume wood to restore the Were meter.
  • Goose form can now consume food left on the ground.

In addition to this, some slight tuning to each form would make them more engaging, and prevents them from becoming redundant when other options are available.

  • Goose form gains a temporary speed boost when seeds are eaten. Could be telegraphed by giving Goose form a low flying animation.
  • Moose form gains additional damage resistance depending on the damage dealt by Moose form, but resets once hit.
  • Moose form attracts the attention of aggressive monsters better than others.
  • Beaver form digs stumps automatically when it chops down a tree.
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I suggest Woodie's wereforms can snack/gnaw logs on the ground, just like the original Woodie. Doing so will refill some of the were-meter with a minor sanity cost because it's actually a curse. This will allow Woodie to complete a task such as fighting and chopping before turning back to human form.

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