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Abigail Skins

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There is yet another similar concept art collection like this (the source is unknown, too). But due to a technical issue (Abigail can rotate so it requires a brand new layer to render her clothes) I can't make them modded Abigail skins, but would suit ghost Wendy skins. The nearest thing you can get is "abbyskinmod".



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Ohhh I see! Thank you all for your replies!


It's sad that we can't customize Abigail more :wilson_cry: without knowing about modding and stuff but, who knows, maybe I'll try to learn it! Or Klei could give her more customizing options. I love their skins and I own so many already but I guess for Abby there could be something like the Beefalo Grooming Station or something eheh


Anyways, thank you all again!

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