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Slow forum search

That Scar

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I have to wait 30 seconds between every single search on these forums. Why? With a few quick searches it's easy to check for previous posts on the same topic, which also eliminates the need to create new posts if those already exist. If it's to combat bots, I'd rather search 10 times and then get a 5 minute timeout instead, it would be much more useful that way. Besides, bots are usually not logged in.

I'm glad third party search engines have indexed the forum and I can search using those but that's a very roundabout way to use a forum.

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Yeah, that was setup a while back. For brand new users with less than 2 posts, the default was set as 30 seconds. I have changed the flood control to 5 seconds and we'll see how that goes. Thanks for the feedback.  

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