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Has rollback caused save issues for anyone?

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So I have my worlds on steam cloud save. And when I rollback a CPL times in a row, I realized my world starts to not auto save, whether it's new day or when I exit the world. Then when I verify my files in steam properties, it'd normalize again.

And once for some reason, it wasn't saving but when I verified, it had saved at the point when I left the game which shouldn't have been saved.

Then today, I rolled back and realized it wasn't saving again. So I manually saved via console and I saw the saving thing on the new day and kept playing and exited the game. When I relaunched the game, the rollback save days and day on my world was on the day when the error started happening, not on the manual save day. I've verified many times and every time I did, the 5 rollback days that you can see became all the same day unlike before I verified which showed different days. Also steam is verifying something every time I click verify. Usually once you've verified, it says nothing needs verification.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This has been a regular occurrence. And now that the manual save didn't work, I'm at a loss. I don't know if @dev is what I need to do. Or if this needs to go to bug report. Im sorry if it's posted in the wrong place. 


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On console happened to me that created world issues. 

It created a small island of 2 x 2. And moved a few feets away the ressurected stone, the one that is surrounded by the pig heads. In addition some other bugs.

It also for some reason don't save. So when I stop playing and load the game again it starts back from the day I rolled back

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