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tall birds l/d

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What's the low down on tall birds lately?

Been a few months since I've played and I'm seeing they can be relocated to a dug up / rocky turf, and a new recipe for the tall bird egg that is 150 hunger and only a tall bird egg and 1 veg value (super cheap?)

BUT I'm not finding this information:  How often do tallbirds lay eggs?

I saw one person claim it was about 17 time segments but I don't seem to be seeing that level of production.  Is that the rate for producing an egg or is it different?  Are there other factors?

Thx for tips.  I couldn't find the info online


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It's between 3 and 5 days, regardless of if the Tallbird is alive or dead the nest laying egg timer goes and will be making the egg when the tallbird is available, if you're around the Tallbird will need to come to the nest to lay the egg in that same period of time, offscreen it makes it automatically.

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