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All this time, and it's buggier than earlier..

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I gave DST a big break because of server issues - randomly getting disconnected. And I decided to give it a chance again today.
And the problem is even worse! I could at least make some progress before - but now I DC right as the world loads in!! 
I'm almost wanting to chuck the game completely at this point, unless a solution is found.
I've even tried playing it offline, and the same issue occurs.

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It does sound like an actual connectivity issue or a mod issue to me.

Do you also get disconnects if you play locally? (DST main menu -> Host Game) That'd indicate that it's a mod issue/that a mod crashes the connection as you load in the world. (most likely in my XP)

Otherwise check if you can find any info about connectivity issues/cutouts in your router, or you can try letting a software such as ping plotter (has a free version) continously check your connection to a server of your chosing, to verify/prove if it's actually a connectivity issue.

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