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  1. One issue I keep running up against to the point of being to frustrated to continue for a while is that I keep getting disconnected from the server... when I am playing by myself. I AM my own server! And it often happens around the same period of time, keeping me from making ANY progress past a certain point! I love the game, but this issue is driving me nuts! Someone please help me resolve this!
  2. I have 2 servers that I use to play alone, and both have the same issue. I keep getting disconnected from the server. The first one was the worst... I'd just gone underground to avoid Deerclops when it happened. And when I reloaded my game I was dealt a significant blow. I'd recently gotten a lantern, a pet, and brought plenty of food with me, but after the reload my items were reset to when I first opened the sinkhole. I lost the pet, the lantern, and all that food I'd need to wait out the end of winter... Help!!! I'm tired of this happening!!