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Should I build a Pet Boiler with is config???

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Cycle 64, I woke up this morning not thinking I would need to summon this much brain power. I started digging and the bam ran across the combo of geyser's that led me to think I need to play for a Pet Boiler ( For unlimited Electricity) JK. Any advice or information is welcome. 

Minor Volcano Stats : 109.2 kg/s @  90s every 10307s

Leaky Oil Fissure 310 g/s


Petrolium Boiler.png

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Leaky Oil Fissures have such a low output that building a full size Petroleum Boiler really isn't that feasible and their output temperature is also so high that there is little point to doing much of a counter flow heat exchanger.

However if I got a set up like that on one of my maps I'd try to come up with something, ecpecially if that's my first oil.  Perhaps a boiler that does it in batches and then ship the hot petroleum to a tundra biome or something.

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I would recommend a sour gas boiler instead. I built one in my game with a gold volcano. Given an amount of crude oil, you produce so much more power when converting to natural gas than petroleum. Added bonus (depending on circumstance) is that natural gas also produces less CO2 per watt.

A sour gas boiler is more complicated of course, and the proper heat exchangers are needed to make the process efficient. The biggest issue (depending on how you implement) is ensuring that you do not over pressurize your volcano with sour gas or entomb you volcano igneous rock.

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