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Transit tubes the way they are now are more or less as conveyors were when they got out, missing a lot of things and usability.


Examples of improvement:

- Transit tubes can't be run through ladders/poles: New building could be created allowing ladders/poles to be run through the same way without forcing your dupes to jump over the tubes. It would also allow to have multible tubes one on top of another crossing through ladders/poles.

- Transit tubes do not have a bridge building: You can't cross transit tubes over transit tubes because you can't build a transit tube crossing over a transit tube, which doesn't make any sense at all.

- Transit tubes are not automation friendly: New building could be added requiring plastic + refined metal, like a Transit tube gate, with an automation input for opening/closing transit tubes ramifications sharing the same Transit tube access.

- Transit tube sensor: If a dupe passes through a transit tube, a sensor could change to green similarly to what Duplicant motion sensor does, a new building could be created for this, maybe a tube with a metal ring on it, requiring plastic + refined metal. Also there could be another sensor detecting if the tube connected to it is empty or not. We could even have a Transit tube meter building, counting the duplidants that pass through it... There's a lot of possibilities and ways to improve it!

-You can't connect Transit tube crossing to other Transit tube crossings or Transit tube accesses: This doesn't make sense at all. What if I have +two tiles thick room and want to run a transit tube through it? Or have a two-tile high room and want to build a Transit tube access there?


Having this change would be great and I hope it gives some ideas for any future upgrade! I hardly ever use Transit tubes because of this, and I think most players feel the same...

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It`s more of a QoL than a rework since it doesn`t change how the base tubes work. But i have to agree at least some of that is needed. A proper bridge would fix a lot of that. Even changing the crossing into a bridge would help a lot. Automation is fun as well. Would help save a ton of energy by disabling certain branches for example. Tubes have a lot more potential we could use with that.

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