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Wortox feels so good to play!

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Just a minor gushing post to appreciate the devs, especially after seeing how hard they're working on the new beta and accomodating feedback.

This change is not very recent, but after my laptop went kaput, life got busy and friends moved on from DST I just haven't had much reason or motivation to play the game... though I did keep up with the new updates and the sweet animated shorts (they get better and better!)

I enjoyed Wortox a ton too back then, being the ravenous gap-crossing healer imp - but playing him again now - that world travel mechanic using his souls is SO much fun and so freaking useful.

Just in the short session I played, multiple times I wanted to backtrack somewhere faraway and whaddya know, the 19 souls I was hoarding from farming butterflies could be used for just that!


It's winter the next day and base needs spiders, and there's absolutely none on our side of the continent? (was a pub and all of us joined day 13+, don't judge uss) Wortox to the rescue. Now we need reeds? I know where the swamp is, and speedrun getting some!

Later, I grossly overestimated my ability to rush the ruins with er, no food or preparation, and realized I needed to dip bad. Oh right, I still have 10 souls left! I didn't have enough to quite get all the way there, but I just zipped back almost all the way back to the cave entrance!


It rewards exploration by allowing you to fast travel anywhere you've been, and allows you to bulk use souls you might otherwise just be hoarding and never allowing under a quantity of 10 - and rids you of trying to find a ledge to warp to in the dark underground/at night to escape danger or return home. It is so much fun, and I imagine lategame it gives Wortox much more versatility too, freely transporting items to and fro from bases and farming souls from mob farms.

(The only tiny nitpick I have is I'm not sure why it doesn't put my map away automatically upon selecting the location, but perhaps that's intentional so you can cancel the warp?)

Again, this was just some happy appreciation of the devs, I don't really have a point to make haha.

Thank you for giving Wortox players a fun tool to use and keep up with the newer characters! I hope - once resources allow - other older characters get similar treatment to make their kits more interesting and fun too.


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6 hours ago, benfroyobro9381 said:

Glad to hear you enjoy Wortox! He seems like such a fun character! 

*cries in console*

this update made OP is reffering too made him much better on console too, the map hoping is basically the same on both platforms.

He's not as versatile as on pc, sure, but he's fun on console now as well. 

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