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DST LAG/FREEZE when starting

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My son and I love playing DST on the ps4, but with the last update, it has become unplayable.

Whenever you start up a session playing multiplayer locally,  the player is frozen at the beginning for 10-15 seconds, but all mobs are not.  So if you are near any dangers, as soon as you start, you are dead and have to roll back.

You see the same behavior when someone goes down into the caves.  Both players freeze for 10-15 seconds and mobs just kill you.

Rolling back over and over before you have even  started, because lag got the player killed is incredibly frustrating.  My son doesn't even want to play anymore.


Please fix.

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yes, it is a big problem, even tho I think it was improved in the patch about 1 month ago.

I used to get killed every time I got out of the caves by bats, but know they just hit me 2-3-4 times before I am able to move(before it was like 10+ times). However it's still pretty bad and a serious issue, the world should start 'moving' the moment your character loads in, especially if you are playing solo/local. And on rollbacks, even if you are playing solo and the world is fresh(not many things to load in), by the time you load 20-25% of the day has passed. So if something happened when a day starts, and you want to revert the damage, you will probably need to rollback 2 days

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Me and my wife have been talking about this as well (we play split screen). At this point we just don't leave the caves until morning to avoid bat nuking. Another issue we noticed is that if we roll back to a day we were on a boat, we instead spawn at the Florid Postern and our boat, though displayed on the map, no longer exists once we get out to it.

As the 2nd player on split screen, I'm constantly having animations starting (chopping trees, picking up items) only to freeze and then cancel.

I will say that rubber banding in general has been mostly eliminated (other than a few seconds at the beginning of each day after a couple hundred days into a world), though that lag has been replaced with a feeling of slower movement around crowded parts of the map. As always, it's best to spread out base and keep the floor clean around the world as much as possible.

One interesting bit that seems to be a newish development (we haven't been able to play much for the past year or so) is that regrowth seems to contribute quite a bit to lag. Our current base is right next to a swamp, and the game seems to bog down quite a bit in the swamp and the deciduous next to the swamp (where our base is) whenever I harvest all the reeds (around 65 or so). Heavy rains also seem to bog the game down a bit as well when one of us is around base.

Our current world is 500+, obviously a contributing factor.

I have to say I'm really grateful Klei has kept the PS4 alive this whole time, I'm sure it's not been easy to keep the game running with all the additional content over the years. I am sad that the largest world size seems quite a bit smaller than it used to, though that could be my imagination. Honestly though I'm not sure how much more new content the PS4 can take before the game is truly unplayable.

Something to try could be playing on a smaller world size map, though we haven't done that because I want the biggest world possible. Possibly set a bunch of features to less, that could help as well.

Another thing we've done only once that could possibly help, we once had some friends bring their playstation to our house and we were able to hook both PS4s into our router via 2 Ethernet cables. I THINK we had both systems in offline mode, but I can't remember. Anyway, if you have 2 PS4s/TVs available, running through your router could possibly help the lag sitch.

Edit: Also, I know I'm way late on this, but 20 thumbs down on the new crafting menu setup. I absolutely hate it. I love you Klei, but the new crafting menu sucks. I've given it a couple months and I still absolutely hate it. I'm sure it is what it is now, but good lord is it bad. Me and the wife still haven't found where the birdcage is without going to the "everything" tab and setting sorting to alphabetical, or actually typing in "Birdcage" in the search tab. If someone can tell me where it is normally that would be cool.

Also, if there is a way to revert to the old crafting menu I will gladly shove both my feet in my mouth, though I did look and couldn't find any way to do it.

One more time, I love you Klei, the new crafting menu is hot garbage.

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Still not fixed, that update increased loading times when entering and existing cave, around last 10 seconds being in loading screen while game is in action and bats and other monsters attack, RIP if no armor...

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