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Some suggestion about new shadow gear system

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  I have some idea about rebalance the gear system, maybe not correct and arguments welcome!

 1.four tiers

  tier1: amulets, magician hat.  +10atk

  tier2: nightmare armor and sword +20atk

  tier3: thulecite suit and clown, club  +30atk

  tier4: bone armor and helm and thurible +40atk

  2.how it affect

  only the highest equipment affect your duelist.

  (if you wear amulet and nightmare armor, your duelist get 20atk)

  3.why I design like this.

  a. balance(maybe?): It stil give maxwell 20 in beginning and 60 after.

  b.diverse your equipment:  encourage you equip shadow gears to get damage promotion, meanwhile you can choose armor and weapon you like.

  c.make bone series more playble: you can choose to summon all your 6 duelist by wearing bone helm, or choose to wear bone armor for shield.(still not commend use thurible, I think equip a thurible in battle is weird.) 

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No, i like the way the current system forces you not to use/or to drop a backpack and to use body armour. Breaks peoples dependency on using a backpack 24/7.

I want different characters to force to me to use different equipment... i dont want freedom! Freedom makes all characters play the same cause you will just default to your favourite gear.

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