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One man band is a shadow item that maxwell can equip....and that could boost servants.

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There is a lot of disscusion about the dueslist, but honestly taking into account that shadow armor+darkswods+magicians hat and 5 duelist give you almost the dps of wolfgang i think they dont need more tweaking.

However there is been almost no disscusion about the servants and i think the same way shadow fighting gear boost the duelist others kind of gear should boost the servants.

The one man band/magy could boost their speed so they take less time to go from one activity to an other.

The construction amulet could make them twice as efficient

The thurible could have a use outside of combat and make it so the servants dont get scared of enemys or bosses so they dont go around doing nothing.

The pick-axe will finally be usable if it for example gave the servants the speed of woodie performing actions, or the chance of mighty wolfgang of instamine rocks.

The improved gardening hat could....i am out of ideas for this but you get the point.

On a different topic but still related to the servants i think it will be good if we could assigned one single activity to servants to do on the spawning area. maybe if we summon them clicking on a tree, they will only chop that kind of tree and dont perform other activitys.

I mention this so we can for example harvest reeds without the fear of choping the spiny trees we wanted to keep for decoration.

Having this control over the shadows could make it so they could perform more activitys like hammering or tilling (only perform this activitys when selected on specific structures) without the fear of destroying the whole base.


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