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Where can I discuss issues with forums themselves?

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I know DST Beta branch is not a place for that, but I can't find something like general thread unrelated to any game so I'll put it here.

Ever since forums broke some time ago I met one issue after another. Here is the list:

- on both mobile and PC changing view style in general discussion leads to page being unaccessible (band-aid is to change view to the originally selected option in the other branch);

- on both mobile and PC one can't quote at all in some forum sections, for example, in "dedicated server discussion" and "suggestions and feedback";

- on both mobile and PC search doesn't take into account archived threads. I can't even find my own comments from archived threads of all things! And that problem was here even before forum breaking incident;

- on mobile there is no way to access more than 1 page (past 1st page) in "my activity" field and couple other areas;

- on mobile there is no way to delete quote or spoiler in the process of editing reply; the only clunky workaround is to copy parts of text that one plans to keep, clear editor and start to write whole thing from scratch;

- on mobile there is no way to change size of text and make it crossed out;

- there is duplication bug on mobile that is pretty common and leads to creation of 2 identical topics (I'm unsure about exact conditions, but maybe somebody already figured them out and could share information); I encountered it when I tried to add bug report into DST bug tracker - what in irony!

- in order to send reply on mobile I have to click on appropriate button 2 times: 1st time forum just scrolls for no reason, and 2nd time actually sends message; this is not related to duplication bug since vast majority of the time duplication doesn't happen despite double click performed.

I won't even talk about appearance looking messed up in a lot of forum sections like "suggestions and feedback" and "dedicated server discussion" on mobile (and on PC as well for latter).

Why is it like that? Is it going to change any time soon?

I'm not sure if most or all of those problems started to occur after forums down time or were present before, but nevertheless those are very concerning issues I would like to be addressed.

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