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Shadow workers have an issue that shouldn't exist

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Shadow workers refuse to pick up any items as long as they are holding a different item type in their inventory. This creates an issue where for example a worker from forest will chop all trees, collect all logs, but will leave pinecones and twigs on the ground and then die. A miner will collect only rocks leaving gold flits and other stuff for you to pick.

I know for a fact their inventory has more slots and nothing stops them from gathering everything they can and giving it all at once. After all, summer cactus has 2 items and they are perfectly fine with giving you all harvests. 

And ot top of that, why would I come back to them to get my loot? They have nothing better to do so why won't they come to me instead of just dying out of boredom? 

Just a lot of needless walking back and forth with having to pick stuff up myself in the end. 

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10 minutes ago, whiteking said:

I think they should have a space to communicate

Magic hat is actually a good choice

Their current work sequence is:
1. Chop/mine/dig.
2. Pick/harvest one item type.
3. Give it to Maxwell if he is in work area/die otherwise.
4. Repeat steps two and three. 

I suggest them to:
1. Chop/mine/dig.
2. Pick/harvest all item types.
3. Give everything to Maxwell regardless of how far he is.
4. Die.

This will fix everything.
The hat however is gonna mixture everyone's items, and isn't even available at the start.


If you meant they should put items in the hat. I'm not sure what "space to communicate" really means. 

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10 minutes ago, edulopes said:

other problem shadow servants have it that they fear other shadow creatures so if you tru to use bone helm to farm they wont do anything

Very true! They also refuse to grab stuff from under tentacles and so on. They really have to reason to have fear, only treeguards target them and when they do workers can't work thus are better off dead anyways. 

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5 minutes ago, HowlVoid said:

Maybe they should store things in the shadow inventory if you're not around them to take it. Makes sense to me.

It would make more sence for them to chase Maxwell to give him their loot.

Firstly, because it will let you know that they have finished all of their tasks and you no longer need to worry about walking too far and unloading them before they are done. 

Secondly, you don't always have magic hat on you. You don't start with it. And when you do you can steal resources from other Maxwells. 

Oh, and walking out of range isn't something new. Duelists do it when you command them to. 

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They shoud give stuff to Maxwell when he's a couple screens away from their working area, but if he goes further they should die immediately. That way they won't have to pathfind through an entire map and you can get rid of them by running away if you need to cast more workers/duelists.

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