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Should the status of purple necklace be improved

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Obviously, it is highly related to shadow magic. It is very reasonable that it can strengthen puppets, and its effect seems to be asymmetric with the price

Should it be strengthened (upgraded to level 3 or 4) and given Maxwell the ability to repair it with nightmare fuel?

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A big yes for tier 4 and the refueling idea wouldn't be too crazy so why not but I'd make it work for everyone. It's practically never used, at least in my case, it's just some stuff to travel in the Atrium if you can't blink around and for the Fuelweaver part but the item rarely shine for other uses it was here for in the beginning, farming shadows is kinda okay if you really want to but the price tag isn't in line with the other amulets for a super obscure reason I suppose ? So I just prefer to remain insane by classic means, which is even better as Maxwell since you can be at 0 pretty much on command. I'm all for a Nightmare Amulet remake.

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9 hours ago, ADM said:

对于第 4 层来说,这是一个很大的肯定,加油的想法不会太疯狂,所以为什么不呢,但我会让它对每个人都有效。它实际上从未使用过,至少在我的情况下,它只是一些在中庭旅行的东西,如果你不能眨眼和燃料编织器部分,但这个项目很少会因为它一开始在这里的其他用途而发光,耕种阴影如果你真的想这样做还可以,但价格标签与其他护身符不符,我想这是一个非常晦涩的原因?所以我更喜欢通过经典的方式保持精神错乱,这比麦克斯韦更好,因为你几乎可以在 0 上指挥。我完全赞成重制梦魇护身符。

Yes, yellow necklaces and orange necklaces are allowed, so should purple necklaces

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