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Shadows and others placements blockers are an annoyance


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I've frequently suggested more and more things to stop blocking the placement of stuff, because it is for the majority something that just prevents absolutely too little to remain in the game on a lots of things, like birds, seeds, that kind of stuff, which prevents players from deploying boats or placing a firepit in an emergency is nothing short of bothering, so I'm just doing this intro to let know again I'd   l o v e   a big remake of placement conditions, to just basically block stuff that have colliders and other structures for the most, the rest should be NOBLOCK.

I'm reiterating this especially because I've once more realised Shadows does block placement as well and with Maxwell now being quite invited to wear the Bone Helm in battles and just while doing some tests I've been looking for space on my screen a few times (no need to be insane of have them hostile for that). It's also something that for the most get tricky when there's a random Crawling Horror wandering around your base when you're slightly missing sanity.


But hey, the more the better, let's have structures and deployables to be less of a problem with not only shadows but items and other mobs that have no collisions to stop blocking things, items will be pushed if they are within a future placed colliders anyway. These are just things that take time to push away manually, same could be achieved by placing directly. :)

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