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What about some of Wicker's book work as Codex Umbra?

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Not for the hortculture books though. Growing naturally spawned, immovable, scattered plants like cacti and glowberries (and even figs) benefits from the current character centric wide casting range. With a small indicator ud never be able to grow the same amount of cacti per read unless u get very lucky world gen. 

Some books could benefit from indicators while others dont need it like u said.

Its weird that her books didnt get indicators since im assuming they mustve already had the idea to give the codex this tech. Having to walk where u want the web or light feels clunky. TEiN could benefit from a casting circle too if it was made more of an effective offensive spell instead of pub base destruction button.

Theres such a big upgrade between wicker’s spells and max’s (control, effectiveness, cost, downside, etc) ud think wicker’s refresh was one of the first when theyre both only separated by what? 2 months or something? :lol:

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