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I hope Maxwell's gameplay is fun!

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There's been a lot of talk about opinions that are too strong or too weak, so I'm not talking about this.
What I want to say is the feeling of playing,spells it doesn't bring much technical and interesting gameplay, just pick the range you want and press the call and it's done, no cost, no need to think about what to do better, because there are only a few tricks

Mobs approaching? Shadow Pillars
Mobs run away? Shadow Pillars
Too many mobs? Shadow Pillars
Shadow Duelist Shadow Duelist Shadow Duelist Shadow Duelist Shadow Duelist Shadow Duelist!

a lot of cool and even subversive content on other rework or characters, WX78 can customize its special power with circuits, Woodie can be changed into different types, Wigfrid has a variety of Battle Songs with different effects, so why Maxwell So few options to play?
Shouldn't he be the most Amazing?
He should have a lot of weird tricks, have different spells to deal with the situation at hand, multi-functional, diverse instead of being the most worker-like of all the survivors.

Need light to have light, defensive spells to rescue before being killed, someone entangled with shadow creatures? I can dispel them!
Practice 10,000 moves, not one move 10,000 times.(Not sure how to translate:練一萬招,而不是一招練一萬遍)
But be prepared to face dire costs after such fickle tricks, leaving players to gauge whether to do it or deal with the consequences. Anyway, please make him a character that's really fun to play, unique and even has some technical depth, not just the same spell or the same thing all day long.

Whoever you are, thank you for reading this horrific google translate text,I hope this expresses my thoughts correctly.

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