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I've found something

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This is not some revolutionary strat and I know for sure many others already founded it.

I noticed a lot of people saying that is now more difficult to lose sanity with the new Maxwell because you can't cap it like before and therefore it's harder to farm nightmare fuel but... it's not true. You just need to change the """"meta"""" or your playstyle you used before cause I've found with spoiled food like berries (better if they're juicy if you're lucky) and mushrooms (especially green caps) you can lower your sanity on command and farm a lot of nightmares. On Day 7 I had a full stack of nightmare fuel.

Others tools on the early game for lowering your sanity easily could be gloomer's poop, if you're not interested in its craftings and many others that for sure didn't come in mind.

Super Edit: Klei also changed now shadow splumonkeys and rabbits drops. They're now another viable alternative for nightmare fuel, especially rabbits and Bunnymens farms.

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