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First Session Impressions

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So just hosted a fairly lengthy session, even had another Maxwell join me, and it was more enjoyable than I was expecting. Sudden burst damage on bosses with our duelist armies, helping empty our inventories from across the map with the shared stash and sending supplies when needed, utilizing the now set-it-and-forget-it worker minions to clear spaces for the base and grabbing the (mostly) collected harvest. Didn't try to use the traps nearly enough but from what I was seeing, I can say this feels like a pretty big plus all around for this Maxwell main. :wilson_vforvictory:


One quirk though that might need to be looked at, the worker minions seem to be taking environmental damage? Lost a few because they tried retrieving smoldering logs. Maybe might need to boost their hp so they don't accidentally off themselves if this is intentional.

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