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Loved update!!!

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Thank you Klei!!! As a Maxwell main of many years.

I think the clones are pretty well balanced. Before sometimes the clones died for a large crafting cost before you could do anything and I think the balance of making them very cheap but do less is great!! It's also shifted his gathering strength from early game to later game which I like. I think this is the perfect direction for the clones to go in. I think making the duelists cheap was the best way to go too, good AI would take too much time to develop.

I think the prison spell is really fun! It fits thematically with Maxwell really well and also adds another dimension to combat! It was kind of OP against Dragonfly, haven't tested any other bosses yet. I'm not sure about the traps yet, need to mess with it more. I think it might also be cool to expand on more.

The shadow storage is awesome!!!!!! So I can just toss my gems in while exploring the ruins? It's a fun convenient power and I think the theme of it around the tophat is so fun and well-fitting storywise.

All around I'm really happy with this update!! I think a few tweaks would be great and the one making no sanity drain for dark swords is already a step in the right direction. I think maybe a few more gimmick's for the game's fantastic reformed (?) villain would make the update feel complete. Bunny in the hat having a chance to accidentally pull out a bunnyman anyone?

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