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Fossils from Underground Earthquakes

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Fossils currently are not renewable. If you lose any, there are no ways currently to replenish them. While for some players, fossils are not needed in large quantities, there are benefits to having them more accessible, especially for larger groups of players. There are multiple things that can be changed to get around this problem, this is just one suggestion that I think would be the most ideal.
They are important to regenerating ruins, which is in turn important to gathering Thulecite, gems, gears, and so on. They are also important for bone armor. Some farm designs also require fossils to function. Thus, many late game resources are harder to collect based on the availability of fossils. Adding them to a renewable source will hopefully streamline these things by allowing players to acquire more fossils as time goes on.
Adding them as a rare drop from earthquakes while in caves will allow servers to obtain more of them overtime, which would be good because fossils are sometimes used for farms, and if people log off carrying them in their inventory, that's fossils that the rest of the server can no longer use. If there were renewable, players could use them for farms and decoration without getting in the way of other players needing them for Odd Skeletons and ruin regeneration.
Renewability is important for the health of multiplayer games because if resources are limited, an effort must be made to have them available to players that need them. Allowing a resource to be obtained renewably, even if the process is slow, will ease this pressure over time as more of the resource will enter circulation.

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I wouldn't want them randomly falling from the ceiling in caves, even if rarely, the extras would pile up over time and I'd rather not have to bother storing or disposing of them. Rather, I think something deliberate and repeatable, yet obscure and slow. Maybe... enable giving bone shards to the Antlion. For every 10 boneshards given, the next time it rains boulders in the cave will include one discolored boulder that will yield a fossil when mined.

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