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My nodecraft hosted server keeps showing ??? ping

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Hi everyone,

Anyone knows what is causing ??? ping to be shown?

Many servers in server browser seem to have this issue.

I contacted nodecraft support and there isn't much they can do.


Anyone understand what is happening and if there are any solutions?

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As Boringmj already hinted, this happens if the Klei listing servers can't ping your server (on your Master server's port). This can have a mutitude of reasons, such as your server's firewall, some unconventional routing, missing port forwarding (DST uses some sort of Steam networking as fallback, if this is the case, which is why joining still works), sometimes it just randomly happens and later fixes itself (happened to me once), etc.

Even Klei's servers, especially the Forge/Gorge ones sometimes had that happening, so it might be out of your control.

That said, it shouldn't affect gameplay, only the listings, so personally I wouldn't worry much about it.

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