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Adding a beefalo health bar would be nice

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What the title says, since the beefalo got some attention i'd like that in the very least they added a beefalo health bar because having to keep guessing how much health a beefalo has is pretty annoying

Assuming you're in combat your only indication is the edges of your screen turning slightly red when below 200hp is hard to see when you're already taking damage (which is also red) and the quote to indicate the beefalo is low on health is often skipped for the character's battlecry instead

It's also hard to see if the screen has turned red if the screen has effects like sandstorm or lunar storm but would be fixed with a simple health bar

I also would like to add due to it being difficult to distinguish if the beefalo is low health or not it ends up with the beefalo dying and having to rollback or spend another 22 days taming another one which is a huge time sink, if the beefalo brush is already locked behind such extreme RNG the very least we should have is accurately knowing when to back off to avoid losing such progress (not everyone in a public server is willing to rollback multiple times everytime your beefalo dies, it gets old fast)

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