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Reap what you sow farms but you can cultivate and grow more of world plants with them

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Always wanted better renewable ways to get the two variants of berry bushes, grass and twig tufts for my world as a resource I could get more of. Perhaps new grass type that would yield more when grown in farm plots? Along with berries and what not. If dug up they could become as a normal plant you can find around the world.

You know how grass tufts become taller on Hamlet's turfs? The idea is basically that but vegetation would be something you could more of less control till shoveled, maybe some tiny bugs infesting those resource and food crops.

To balance out bananas as many people really want them to be they could grow slower normally and turn into a bigger variant with bigger yield if grown on farm plots. Could do the same with stonefruits, but maybe instead of fruit it would give more rock? Or just one extra fruit when grown on plots.

Idea is to make farming via plots more streamlined and more convenient in the long run, encouraging it as an upgrade to any plant you grown. Maybe a way to prevent geckos from spawning for people that hate them too, mutating the grass tufts into better ones.

Along with that, why not have rose bushes? Spiky bush variants? Maybe spiky trees but they'd become spikier and more twiggy? I dunno, anything to expand with farming would be cool. 

It's a farming game after all.

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