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Suggestion for the Odd Skeleton

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I personally don't know if anybody has talked about this before, but the Odd Skeleton could use a nice and small QoL

Basically if placed near the Ancient Gateway, it would always be the correct form instead of the other forms, or the three forms could be used to summon the Ancient Fuelweaver. It's pretty annoying when you get the wrong form then you realize you dont' have a hammer and need to go all the way back to get one just to build the one you need to summon him.

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I'm against this because this mechanic adds much needed realism to the game by showing us that the survivors are, indeed, human and do, in fact, make mistakes like the rest of us which adds to the uncompromising atmosphere of the game, also me and my friends really enjoy putting 18 wrong skeletons around the ancient gateway on purpose as decoration, and we always have a blast having to sit for 20 minutes waiting to start the fight for the 320944536th time because we forgot to bring a hammer, honestly it's such a fun experience to cross the atrium two more times because of a completely rng mechanic (and frankly the game needs even more of these random events, it helps to show that we are in an untamed wilderness (uncompromising), and they help to keep the game fresh since after playing for 100k hours honestly the game feels kinda lacking in replay value). Personally this would kill my enjoyment of the game and it clearly shows that you're just a meta tryhard trying to push the devs to cater the game around speedrunners /s

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