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Webber's cookies should be crafted in bulk

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It's not worth crafting most switcherdoodles except for the nurse recipe. You're better off heading down to where the spiders live, tame them and then bundle them. That's how I collected my sea striders for the crab king fight (you need at least 8 full bundles of them to prevent crab king from healing). And then you still need to retame the spiders after unwrapping them.

If I was to go the switcherdoodle route, I'd need to collect 64 figs, 64 monster meat, 64 silk and 32 regular spiders. You can see why I went with the bundle route. And with some recipes they're just kidding themselves, two cut stone per cave spider switcherdoodle? Four nitre for a spitter?

I like the suggestion, though to be frank, even if you got like four doodles per craft I probably wouldn't use them. Regular spider warriors get the job done most of the time, with crab king being a special case. I wouldn't waste my pig skins to convert the regular ones, I'd rather wait a day for the warriors to respawn.

Instead I think the recipes just need to be less ridiculous. They should only require one silk and one monster meat each. One rock for the cave spider, one nitre for the spitter, etc. Hound's teeth instead of pig skins. Not sure what you'd do for the dangling depth dweller instead of bunny puffs. But they're literally identical to warriors for all intents and purposes (and they can be farmed in the ruins with bundles and taken upstairs), so it should be something cheap.

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