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[Game Update] - 111280


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Update (Xbox - released September 9, 2022)

  • Fixed extremely long saving times.
  • Fixed the world not being paused when in the character select screen.
  • Renamed Wickerbottom's "Mind's Eye Life Amulet" to "Mind's Eye Amulet" and gave it a more accurate description.
  • Hound Mounds will now generate Ice Hounds in Winter similarly to how it generates Fire Hounds in Summer.
  • Prototyping effects will now be triggered properly even if you have, but don't need to use, The Everything Encyclopedia buff.
  • Birds of the World and The End is Nigh! will now fail properly when unable to cast.
  • Fixed a case where boats could get stuck in an indestructible state.
  • Fixed the Stagehand breaking boat physics if it manages to get onto a boat.
  • Added a safeguard check to boats to try to stop them from moving across land.
  • Fixed a bug where Splumonkey Pods would not spread fire to nearby objects.
  • Fixed all spiders and Naked Mole Bats ignoring earthquakes.
  • Fixed Moonblind Crow and Misshapen Bird to now be slowed down by ground creep and trigger Spider spawns.
  • Fixed Toadstool not creating Sporecaps properly when there were Soil piles and other things blocking spawn points.
  • Fixed Toadstool's Sporecaps managing to get on top of ponds.
  • Fixed boats not saving their velocity resulting in them to be at rest on load.
  • Fixed a bug that caused servers with lots of world settings to not have the world settings show up in the server browser.
  • Fixed bug where Spider Queen can sometimes never spawn from a Spider Den.
  • Moleworms will no longer alert spiderwebs on the ground similar to Depths Worms.
  • Horticulture book spells will now work properly at night if the charge was consumed.
  • Horticulture book spells in progress will be properly saved and loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fiery Pen not saving its uses correctly when at 100% durability.
  • Added missing strings for burnt Bookcases.
  • You can no longer plant Seeds in the Soil while the Garden Digamajig is plowing.
  • Lureplants will no longer spawn at locations where they cannot also be manually planted.
  • Fixed Wortox not getting souls when:
    •     Killing a Wobster while it is on land.
    •     Something alive perishes from spoiling while in the player's inventory.
    •     Cooking something alive.
  • Wortox Souls will no longer pop out of the inventory when murdering creatures in a full inventory if the Soul would compete with creature drops.
  • Minimap icons for Spiky Bushes have been added.
  • Stalagmite height variants have been added to cavern's worldgen rooms.
  • Fixed Polly Rogers not going away when the worn hat loses all durability.
  • Fixed Polly Rogers trying to give items to things that are not players.
  • Fixed Polly Rogers trying to flee from player controlled followers.
  • Fixed bug with Woodie's movement speed after transforming inside a Sandstorm.
  • Fixed bug causing Cannonballs to appear unexpectedly at the center of the world.
  • Fixed bug where planting a Birchnut Sapling failed to pacify a nearby Poison Birchnut Tree.
  • Fixed an issue with crafting things to avoid drowning.
  • Fixed Birds of the World from not spawning birds.
  • Fixed trying to store invalid recipes in the Cook Book.
  • Fixed spiced foods not unlocking the base food recipe in the Cook Book.
  • Fixed Grumble Bees from Apicultural Notes not following players through wormholes or long distances.
  • Fixed Grumble Bees from Apicultural Notes getting stuck in the world if their loyalty changed to the Bee Queen while being too far from their new leader.
  • Construction Amulets will no longer consume charges nor display active use in the crafting menu if the recipe is not discounted.
  • Fixed a crash related to a typo in the inventory component.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Pinchin' Winch.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Cookie Cutter.
  • Fixed a crash when reloading a player who spawned Grumble Bees with the Apicultural Notes.
  • Fixed a crash with Wolfgang during loading and initialization.
  • Fixed a crash with Winter's Feast trees going to the burnt stage when they were growing.
  • Fixed crash in Spring when Lureplants attempt to spawn.
  • Fixed audio bug where Wickerbottom book spell effects could sometimes be heard long after they were casted.
  • Fixed animation bug with Wurt reading The End Is Nigh: Gilded Edition.
  • Fixed art alignment for various objects and skins.
  • Fixed missing arms on various clothing combinations.
  • Fixed missing Webber feet when wearing Torn Costume.
  • Fixed Winona's Guest of Honor icon.
  • Haunting items in the ocean will now update the floating fx.
  • Fixed floating animation for several objects.
  • Fixed bug where an equipped Gnarwail Horn can sometimes become invisible.
  • Fixed animation bugs with Grass Gator
  • Fixed Wickerbottom books reading animations while mounted on a beefalo.
  • Fixed various minor skins related bugs, including missing feet!
  • Fixed Cave Hole textures being low quality.
  • Fixed some art issues with Walter and hats.
  • Fixed Ice Flingomatic range indicator art.
  • Fixed missing minimap icon for Monkeytails.
  • Fixed various minor animation bugs.
  • Fixed art alignment for various objects and skins.
  • Fixed wrong player foley sounds for the Ruins Brick turf.
  • Fixed Insulated Pack and Chef Pouch not having water floating FX.
  • Fixed Victorian axe highlights.
  • Fixed missing cuffs in Wes' Fool's Ensemble.
  • Fixed burnt Nautopilot not displaying properly.
  • Added skin tone variations to clothing skins where the underlying character's skin is exposed.
  • Tempering Temperatures will now also thaw all nearby frozen creatures and players.
  • Skins from the An Eye for an Eye collection have been changed from Inspired rarity to Woven.
  • Added skintone variants to Pyrestarter's Dress.
  • Adjusted Walter Hat skins.
  • Added shoes to Wilson's Mad Scientist outfit.

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