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Regrow mossy vines

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Given how quickly and easily fire can cripple an above-average tree trunk, I think a mechanic to regrow the vines is needed. If the tree itself burns down, that's one thing, but so long as the tree survives, needing to go out and grab a new nut, carry it to the desired location, plant it, and apply the goop over around a season's length of time, to undo something that can happen in a literal second, strikes me as an uncharacteristically low point in the game's balance.

I'm not asking for a free and easy out to the kinds of mistakes and accidents that can cause this to happen, but to at least have an option to encourage the growth of new vines would really even things out. Something like, apply tree jam, and a new vine grows 1 or several days later, up to a max of 4. Doesn't have to be exactly that. Would also be helpful for those looking to get their vines in better locations, without making it too easy for them.

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