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Increase walking cane chance from Pearl's sunken treasures

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If we were to pick one thing, would it be a cane or tam'o'shanter that we want first as priority we'd want to gain?

Personally I think a walking cane would be something everyone's eyes would be set on early in the game, so I beg Klei to make it higher or more common chance to find walking canes from those treasures either by adding it to more loot tables there displayed or increasing the chance for thule and gem stuff along with the cane that it resides in.

The competition for single tusk is always high and harsh and sometimes nearly whole server sits by the camps to get anything at all and not like we can share the loot when only one gets the stuff.

I propose this: IF there's only 1-2 or less tusks, there should be a loot increase for walking canes there.

(Thoughts while writing this, it may not be the most needed thing to be done if people regularly regenerate ruins and kill Ancient guardian for a chance for a cane. So there's about 20 day range for that so that's my counter point to myself.)

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