Suggestion: Lean-to shelter

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I recently bought Don't Starve, and one of the main complaints I have is a lack of creating a "homestead" or a "basecamp". All the elements are there, of course. A fireplace, the science machine, the farms. But it really needs a form of shelter. The tent i believe is prety useless, to me it doesn't add anything to the game, only to change skin but I think building a mirror or something would be more apropriate for that. There has been a lot of talk about a house, but I think a "lean-to" shelter would be really nice in the game, either with sticks and grass or a tarp. A lean-to is basically an open tent. In the game it could maybe shelter you from the darkness. It would be nice if you could build it close to your fireplace (with the open side pointing towards the fire) and protects you from the darkness as the fire is diminishing. Also monsters might not attack you as long as you're hiding in it and the fire is burning.

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I initially did not think about total protection from the darkness. A fire is still necessary. It would be perfect for sheltering from weather of course, but then a weather system has to be integrated along with physical effects. That means a temperature bar should be added, and that probably is to much ask for. In any case, I think a shelter is of absolute importance in a survival game for a better survival experience(even if it fantasy), since it is of great importance in real life survival as well. Don't know how too implement it into this game though.

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