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Allow Woodie's forms to use amulets

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The suggestion is pretty self explanatory- allow Woodie to keep amulets on him when he transforms and keep the effects those amulets give. 


I think it would be pretty neat buff for Woodie without changing or adding new stuff that would require a lot of effort and time. He would still have to work to get the amulets but they would improve the usage of his forms pretty greatly. At least I hope so :]

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Backpack don't drop when Woodie transform, so why another kind of items that you have equipped in your chest should? Just think using Belt of hunger to make his wereforms last longer, life giving amulet to heal some health by time or bone armor to avoid the first hit. I know that some people say "BUt WoOdie WhErEfORms are CheAP ThEr IS nO rEASON TO bUFF THEm" But seriously, we are talking about Woddie the character that is the best in Nothing, Maxwell is better chopping with his puppets that Woodie Beaver form, a LOT of characters are better fighters than Moose form, and goose form can walk on water, so it's good FOR THE FIRST AUTUMN!!

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