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Make Feather Pencil refillable with Charcoal/increase its durability.

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So I have over 100 chests on my main world, and that was with a 24 item slot mod. I recently disabled it and they vomited out a bunch of excess items, so I'll have to build even more to fix this mess. Good thing they only cost 12 logs each, am I right?

To somewhat lessen my pain and that of other players, I suggest at least making the mini signs less tedious to label. I have to farm well over 200 crows to get enough jet feathers for pencils right now. Then I need to place down a mini sign, grab an item from a chest, label the sign, then dig it up and finally place it in front of the chest. For some reason I cannot label the sign when it's already placed directly in front of a chest. Repeat that little inconvenience 100 times and it really adds up.

Either give the Feather Pencil a lot more uses (like 10 each), or make it refillable with Charcoal. I also think the default 9 chest slots are due for a buff since there are so many more items now than back in 2013, but that's a debate for another time.

don't starve chests.jpg

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Single use does seem pretty ridiculous. Unless you're in an old world bursting at the seams with black feathers from all the pengulls, collecting so many if there's a lot of signs you want to make seems highly excessive. Removing the charcoal requirement at crafting, and having it consume charcoal each time it's used without consuming the actual pencil would be an excellent tweak.


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