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Leader's hat/staff for follower army control. And a one man band idea.

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Either one of those, and those items could let to sheppard and lead your bunnymen and pigs to move to the places you want them to move to. It would only control your current followers to do what you want them to do and cancel whatever actions they were doing. This way it would let them be less random and you could have some control over them all. There's many cases like bee queen, toad or others that have special either aoe attacks and you want them to avoid or animals to not run into magma pools like they do at dragonfly. Would be good if you could in that way tell them to chop trees, mine or stand in guard position where you want them instead of them making a mess and dying in dumbest ways possible not wasting your time in that way. Would be a good asset if it were to allow you lead them to chop toad trees while ignoring the toad.

This would greatly benefit any character generally, since animal pets in solo are the only biggest damage output (aka bunnymen having most dps alone) and you don't wanna rely on being Wanda or other damage characters it would be a good balance to encourage building houses and make armies to take on enemies.

Along with that maybe make pigs not scared in the dark while having enough light to chop trees and all... or while wearing the item that would give you the leadership to control them. 

Other than that - one man band could either boost animal work greatly/damage output by a bit or picking up items for you and putting them next to you in stacks.

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