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Comprehensive Geyser Data with Input Your Geyser Function

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Hello from the past few weeks I have been working on processing geyser data. and there was a bunch to unpacked. I have combined all my sheets of data into one comprehensive excel doc that has been convert to google spreadsheets for easy viewing. This spreadsheet contains wattage from geyser output with steam turbine, ATST cooled geyser, and geyser cooling supplement just to mention a few. These have data has been processed by the highest degree of gameplay knowledge I currently have, and I have spent the time to develop a function to process any geyser currently available with your personal geyser information to see all the information. If you are viewing the document on google spreadsheet, it is very limited on sorting, so I would advices viewing on excel if you have it. Feel free to save a copy to input your data but be warned, I will be changing the files whenever there is a new update if I get the time and any new suggestions that people want me to add.

A Special Thank You to @Cairath for using her Tools Not Included databank to get all the geyser data, and @hydrotoast for following along the journey with feedbacks and correction to my functions. I would not have been able to processed as fast as I did without his guidance.

Without further ado, Excel and Google Spreadsheet version of the spreadsheet, updates will be made to both with future suggestions and changes. Such as Refinery Coolant, Build Guide to capitalized on the data, and Phase change patch for some geysers, if there is demand for these.


To do list:

Geyser Resource Conversion i.e. water geyser types to oxygen. Dupes possible to support per geyser. Power generation to burn the hydrogen, Wattage to cool the hydrogen to liquid hydrogen for Space Out Rockets. This is a WIP list.

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