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Dedicated Server Reset - One player out of 6 died, server reset timer started

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My friends and I recently started playing DST and I created a dedicated server for more of us to play on. I had one friend, who was logged into the server alone, die and the server reset timer started. In total I believe about 8 of us had characters on the server, but since nobody else was logged in the only player died and the server reset. Is there a setting to stop this and for the world to know that there are still other players who are on the server that have not died yet? Luckily we were only a few days in, so the reset wasn't the biggest deal.

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Set it to Wilderness mode, where if one of you dies, the server won't reset, but that specific player will lose all map progression (so Map Scrolls are a must to make) and all crafting progression (all your knowledge of blueprints will be lost). So death will punish the person who dies. And if you die, you go back to the main character select screen, and in Wilderness mode, you spawn in random places on the mainland. It's pretty fun.

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