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Books review.

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This is just my two cents on the Wikerbooks.

The angler's survival guide (fish book): this is Pearl's bait but in book form. Does anyone actually fish in ocean? I sure don't. Very boring very useless book in my opinion. I wish instead of spawning fish this book would cause naturally spawning fish to jump on land or boat to skip fishing. That would be kinda cool.

Pyrotechnics explained (fire book): the crafting recipe is insane for what this book offers. If this book cost 2 charcoal 2 papyrus instead, it would be worth considering. Water can is amazing for putting fire out anyways, and fire staff is almost as good as torch.

Overcoming arachnophobia (web book): love the idea, but execution is lacking. The main thing that comes to my mind is how this book would pair with tentacles. But the range is so bad and duration is so little that it's literally impossible to combo this book with tentacles. Both range and duration require significant buffs.
Also, simple crafting recipes are better game design. This book does not need glands in its recipe because glands and silk are obtained in the same way anyways.

Tempering temperature (temperature book): I didn't test is so I don't know how long it lasts. I hope for a lot of time or else it will end up like Warly's temperature dishes (worthless).

Lux aeterna (light book 1): I hope klei will remove firefly from its recipie because even for free this book is questionable in it's usefulness. There are so many other light sources that are much more reliable.

Practical rain rituals (rain book): the crafting recipie is super awkward. Can't it just be some ice or something instead? It's not expensive as it is, just really awkward to craft 5 things to then make a book. As of usefulness, no complaints.
Tho I do wish there was some kind of signal to let people know this rain is summoned by Wikerbottom (so that they knew if they are being trolled and could kick her or ask to stop it)

Lunar grimoire (moon book): OP much? I'd prefer it to create fake full moons that work like real full moons but don't give night light, don't reset moon cycle and don't work on a new moon.

Apicultural notes (bees book): feels very lazy to me. Grumble bees are so iconic it feels like some cheap mod that let's me use queen bees attack. They are also awkward and are minions. We already have 2 minion characters. I also don't like that they give competition to tentacles, which are much more fun high risk high reward "minions". It's heavily opinionized but if we are stealing from bosses I'd so much rather have a boom shroom book from toadstool. Aoe attack? Now that's tasteful!

The everything encyclopedia (crafting book): this is useless. I have experience with a mod that works just like this book, and it's hard to find scenario where you'd need access to "all" crafts but can't afford an alchemy. But wikerbottom has even worse synergy with this book because she already has pre-crafted science machine.
Shadow manipulator items and ocean tab would be nice. Also, having access to ancient tab wouldn't be a big deal either so that's an option worth considering.

Horticulture expanded (plant book 2? 3? 4?): it's like a spit in the face to those who wanted applied horticulture to come back with rework. Don't even get me started with this one.

Lux aeterna redux (light book 2): someone had a deadline to come up with 10 books or what? But this is 11th one. It's litteraly the same book I don't get it. Meaby this one is supposed to follow wikerbottom like wx78 light or something? This feels like it shouldn't exist.

I also hoped some of the old books would get tweaks.

On tentacles could use a rework since people NEED safe zone to utilize this book. Natural safe zone is too little, tentacles reach wikerbottom, so people resort to bug using broken walls to extend safe zone. Just extent the area around wiker where tentacles can't spawn.

Applied Silviculture requires living logs which isn't an issue late game but absolutely kills early game potential. Please replace living logs with normal ones. This book is not op, never was, never will be, lureplants can farm grass and twigs for any character without books.
I can't regrow grass on spawn someone harvested for example or farm extra reeds on day 1.

Horticulture abridged is awful and will stay awful, but can it at least cost 1 seed and 1 poop so that the nerf didn't look like intentional overkill. 

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