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Cursor mode for Console Edition.

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Dear Klei,    
Currently some items are some what inconvenient to use on console edition, that’s why I propose cursor mode.    
The default input for this mode would likely be the movement stick as that’s the only free space I can think of.     
When active, you use the joystick you usually use to navigate your inventory.    
-Easier aiming of things such as water balloons.     
-Console will now have that extra inventory slot PC has.   
-No more accidentally attacking your followers when trying to open a gift at a science station.        
-Generally easier time selecting stuff, especially in spaces with lots of items close to eachother. 

I really hope you at least consider adding this to the game as this would improve quality of life a ton.

Sincerely, Shocky_Pink

P.S. To the community, let me know what you think of this idea.

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