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  1. Hello, just wanted to suggest some things about the Tallbird. This is a great mob overall but has some issues. I wanted to list them and how they could be fixed, along with other members of the community being able to discuss this in the replies. 1. Spawning habits. Tallbirds are known for being very very rare when it comes to spawning, as it’s not too hard to end up with only one nest. To add to this, if your only nest got destroyed it’s game over for Tallbird eggs. Even if the Tallbird is alive it won’t make a new nest unlike Moles or Rabbits. Ways this could be fixed are upping the chances of them generating or adding a minimum amount that can spawn to make sure you have at least a few Tallbirds. Also, About the not making new nests… 2. Nesting issues/pointlessly reproducing. Most mobs can make a new home if they are a home based mob and it’s basic enough, things like Catcoons and Pigmen won’t make new homes which is understandable with how Catcoons need a tree stump that doesn’t exist and Pigmen would need to have a civil war for Pigskin. Tallbirds however don’t really have a good excuse to not make a nest. With how simplistic it is consisting of only grass or possibly some twigs of which are the most basic resources in the game. I think Tallbirds similarly to Moles should make a nest if they are homeless, which would actually give Tallbirds a reason to lay eggs and also would be a way to make sure the player can get more Tallbirds if only 1-3 spawn in the whole world. They would also likely have a condition to not build nests too close to other nests to prevent crowding in an area. Only one issue with the whole laying eggs thing now… 3. Offspring abuse. Im not sure if this is intentional or not but Tallbirds are awful parents and will murder their offspring. A way this could be fixed is coding Tallbirds to specifically never attack baby or teen Tallbirds. Also Tallbirds should also protect the child. for example if the player gets too close the their offspring the Tallbird will come at you, and killing their child should cause the Tallbird to act like you just stole the egg and chase you for a very very very long time. Here is a few other minor issues I have but not enough for a full mention. -raised Tallbirds will betray you as soon as they grow up, not a full mention since it’s somewhat understandable as they would leave the nest. -Eggs don’t feel awarding to hatch for the time consuming process, but this game is not meant to be awarding, it’s meant to be fun. -Tallbird fortresses rarely generate, but with how useful and game breaking these can be it’s understandable. -Tallbirds target almost anything including clause’s deer, but it’s protecting the nest so it’s very understandable. (Also why are you fighting Clause in the rocky biom?) There you go, those are a few issues I had with Tallbirds and ways to possibly fix them. Any thoughts I would love to hear so replying is appreciated. Have a nice day d:
  2. Currently to my knowledge, there is no way to drop a single item or place just one inside a chose slot. Also you can move items around. This causes issues as things like Chester variants can’t be obtained on console edition. wanna drop just one flint so you don’t risk loosing all of it to a molerat? Too bad you chose console edition and can’t do that. my idea would be double clicking the drop button to drop just one item. This is a simple way to fix this issue, and can also be used for putting just 1 of something in a chest. Now the other issue is moving items in inventories. Chester is still an issue since the items would still stack automatically. That’s why I’m suggesting when you press and hold A while over an item, as long as your not near something that used A you can move an item. If there is an input with no function then maybe that should be used instead since that would be a much better option. Another way to fix that unable to sort my hot bar issue is the ol’ click the joystick to pull up social menu stuff, but adding an option called sort inventory which makes it so you can select an item and move it. There would be two versions of this, move stack and move single. These are my ideas to fix the inventory problem with Console edition. Who knows maybe I’m just stupid and you can already do this and someone will tell me how. If I’m being idiot please tell me how. ok see ya Please tell me if there is already a way to do these two things I need my shadow Chester.
  3. I would imagine if he didn’t attack, his many pigmen would not like you attacking him. Maybe he would summon the Year of the Pig king pigs to kill you or something. Only issue is Minecraft has something similar with pigs as well, which might cause issues. Other than that a pig economy sounds awesome. WAIT HE GIVES AWARDS FOR THAT??? Only issue is that’s an event which I doubt will be updated, but not impossible. Maybe if year of the Pig king comes around again, it could happen. Only issue is the huge amount of mobs and bosses in this game. I think you would need a head drop from either the merms or pigmen depending on which one you want, maybe around a 1-5% chance to drop per merm/pigman but who knows. Maybe it’s like how only certain survivors can craft stuff and only Pigmen are capable of crafting merm heads on sticks. Also ya he is (almost) always in a world, and you would need insane bad luck for him to not spawn. Also yes you almost never need to look at his face again after giving him the wires, especially if you don’t have Year of the Pig King enabled in your world. I really like the idea of a Pig King boss, in fact when I first saw him I thought “Oh jeez that’s a boss RUUUUUUN!!!!” Only issue with this method would be he refuses monster meat, but maybe a bundle rap could get around that. Neat idea. Why not. My guess is that he is different from the other pigs, like maybe some different species. He grows bigger, has horns, and builds a ton of bulk. Maybe a second sleep animation would be neat though. The more I read this the more I wonder if it’s a typo or not.
  4. In his workout routine he forgot one of his push ups and instantly became fat. He is now on a strict diet of meat and wires.
  5. Here is a forgotten feature by most, Year of the Pig King event where a Pig can have a 1% chance to spawn with a belt you can obtain via murder or maxing out the loyalty. Giving to Pig King starts the event.
  6. Pig King is currently only useful for one thing, gold nuggets and that’s about it. Yes you can do the year of the Pig King event from the 1% chance a pig spawns with a belt, but its more so for fun and to my knowledge not too useful. Thats why I’m suggesting the Pig King rework, but I would like to leave this discussion up to the community instead of just a list of ‘do this do that’. That way there is more than just one mind in this, kinda like how food spoilage was added from a community discussion. So reply with some ideas you think should be added to Pig King or updates to current aspects of the big man. Though I will just add one idea here so I’m a part of it and not just sitting on my butt like the Pig King, perhaps he could have a grudge system where the more pigs you kill the more meat you need to pay him to lower that level until it is 0 and you will get gold again. Maybe stuff that would usually get you more gold would lower the grudge more than stuff that gives lower amounts of gold. Welp that’s my idea, but might be annoying for game play so better leave it to y’all to come up with better stuff. See ya!