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Give Wortox the Ability to teleport items to base

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Got this idea from the Wortox postman post here. Just tweaked the title for clarity. 

It will look like this:

Wortox wants to send some honey back to base (from farming all those bees). He can just drag the honey to the soul item in his inventory and then a special HUD pops out. The HUD is kinda like the bundling wrap's HUD which has 4 slots on top of the map

With this HUD opened you can:

- place the items you want to ship and how much of the item you want to ship. The higher the quantity, the higher the cost e.g 5 stacks or less cost 1 soul, 10 stacks cost 2 etc. sidenote: since there are 4 slots, you can ship 4 different items e.g 3 honey, 4 stingers, 10 rocks and 2 green caps

- when you're ready to ship the items just hover your cursor over the map that comes with the special HUD and right click the base to ship. Cost depends on the distance between you and where you wanna ship the items. Sidenote: you can only transport items to the base i.e a base = there are structures and players in that area of the map. (To avoid griefing)

combine this with it's own special animations Wortox i.e:

Right clicking the soul to open the HUD plays a special animations themed around the ability. Maybe he opens a small portal and looks through it(kinda like the the animation a character does while using a closet, but more playful since it's Wortox, maybe he crosses his legs while sitting and staring at the small portal) and when he clicks on the base to transport the items he just chucks the items in the portal?

I think his global soul hop could use a bigger and more louder "soul hop" animation. Like just make the soul animation when he does the hop bigger and a bit louder

On the topic of Wortox animations: maybe his idle animation could be the one in his trailer where he does the soul-hand thingy? That would be SO SICC.

Edit: I forgot you could right click souls to eat them






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This doesn’t sound like Wortox At all..

And if you watch the Eye for an Eye update cinematic Wortox is constantly holding the Terrarium as he teleports from Terraria back to the Constant.

Now I’m no rocket scientist or anything but if an evil demonic eyeball was chasing after me trying to get back what I stole from its world- And I had the power to teleport that item away from Me to my friends in another Area, I sure as heck wouldn’t hold onto it the entire time..

You guys just expect too much out of Wortox.

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2 hours ago, skile said:

but isn't right clicking a soul already taken by eating action? 


I always kept souls in my 1st slot I forgot you could right click them. My bad

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