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[Suggestion] Lunar Grimoire For New Moon

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Make Lunar Grimoire cause New Moon when it is not New Moon.

Make Lunar Grimoire cause Full Moon when it's read on New Moon.


(first reading => new moon, second reading => full moon, 3rd reading => new moon again)

(if first reading occurs on new moon, then the first reading causes full moon instead)


Reasons for this suggestion:

1. more complete control over moon phase change

2. distinguish moon book from light books (like Lux Aeterna) because its first reading mostly causes darkness of New Moon.

3. makes it more expensive to provide full moon effects such as global light, moonstone event initiation, summoning new glommer, werepig farming, etc.

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I would like this book to cause full / new moon same way rsim book can cause / stop rain. 

This would also ease the feeling that some people have about trolling with book to reset moon phase back and never reach new moon 

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