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Wickerbottom Refresh - match Pyrokinetics Explained range to that of wildfires

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I think that's my only feedback, there are plenty of items in the game that can extinguish fires and they are available to everyone and have short range of effect. Since the book Pyrokinetics Explained is available only to wickerbottom (and maxwell) and magical I'd see it having bigger range to match at least the range of where wildfires can occur (current book range 12 units, wildfires can happen within 25 units radius).

Alternatively Id see it having number of uses increased to 5 (current uses 3)

And If someone has objections due to it having potential to affects bigger area and extinguish more fires hence getting more Fiery Pen i say this - nothing stops you from setting on fire a bunch of twigs or grass to get 100% durability Fiery Pen regardless or range

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On 7/15/2022 at 12:57 PM, hhh2 said:

You can use the rain book to prevent wildfires altogether, but a range buff would be nice.

Of course there are other items that help with dealing with fires and this topic is about pyrokinetics book

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