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better way of finding new islands

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so, with the new update there's a new island in the ocean, cool. but how is one supposed to find that?

i've spent an entire season circling around the main land just to find that i couldn't locate the monkey island, because unlike the moon islands, there is no apparent hint that you're close. yes, you could get raided more when near the it, but that depends entirely on luck, and i didn't get raided even once when sea faring ( i'm very unlucky ). so my suggestion is that there should just be some visual or audial form of hint when near these new islands, since were probably getting more of these with the "setting the stage" updates. like with the moon islands, there just be some form or flotsam, maybe make the water color near the island more tropical like shipwrecked's, just something set in stone so that finding these wouldn't so much of a pain.

here's a visual example of what i'm saying, felt like i needed to do that:


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For the moon quay island there could be a dock on the shore of the mainland pointing in the direction of it. Lore-wise the powder monkeys would use it to transport resources from the mainland to the island. But they probably aren't gonna add another way to locate it after the update dropped

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Here is how to reliably find monkey island


It will take up to 8 days if you sail with 1 regular mast using this method. The actual time depends on your luck, the number of obstacles (sea stacks) in ocean, and other factors.


If I convert the time cost in video as goose to time needed on a boat with 1 regular mast, those test runs would take about 4 days.

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