Needed some fruit and veggie recipes

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Particularly lacking in carrots, pomegranates, melons.

I'd say we should receive perhaps Carrot cake from Gorge since that was the closest alternative to that. Could be a neat alternative as a hunger based food using carrots and honey to make. It would also be excellent food for taming rabbitmen as your fighters to last longer.

Fruit juice - needed pomegranate and other juicy types of fruits along with some ice. A mediocre dish which you could put away either to ferment or be set near lunar grotto vitrioasis or moon island's pools to carbonate making it an excellent dish for sanity.

Lady in red cake. Red cap, pomegranate, berries and milk. A cake worth of being a meaty stew alternative to vegans. Gotta gather and farm all the red ingredients to make it work, an effort worth the longterm.

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OMG, I keep wondering WHY IS THERE NO CARROT CAKE?????????????? XD, ye, it would need 1 carrot, a sweetener, an egg and dairy!!! Carrots are everywhere, but they don't really have a good recipe beyond the cookbook. And wurt can only really use them on their own or in ratatouille(they are to hunger valuable to use as filler most of the time)

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