Wikipedia and encyclopedia as part of core game mechanics

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Hello their, i want to suggest that you include a wiki or encyclopedia in the game. similar to what you did with plants and recipes since that's what the players do anyway. so instead of me being able to open the wiki online whenever i want to check something then get down a rabbit hole of information and potentially other unwanted links. maybe you make a system in the game that i wear some tool or go to a place to check an item and find related information based on my current state. or the previous things i encountered while nudging me to my next discovery subtly.

for example, if i check monster meat and i have already encountered pigs and spiders. then it tells me:

1- that this meat is dropped from spiders and 10 other mobs (clicking on mobs gets you to another wiki page that shows all of the possible monsters as shadow boxes for dramatic effect and also to potentially know how they look like if i encountered them)

2- meat can be used to befriend some creatures (show images of the creatures that are encountered before and shadow boxes for ones that yet to be discovered)

3- it can be used in crockpot to make 20 recipes (either show images of the unlocked recipes and shadow boxes for locked OR direct them to use recipe system to know more)

4- general vague status, it reduces health (mildly) when eaten raw and cooked. it increases hunger (mildly). it reduces sanity (mildly)  . it rots quickly where mildly is for ranges 0 ~ 20 as example and severely for 60+ and player need not to know the value ranges

5- simple description: Monster Meat is a Food item obtained by killing most Monsters. Monster Meat is toxic and will reduce Health and Sanity when consumed.

this way, you have given enough information for the player to use the item correctly and know about hidden mechanics (befriending and cooking) However, you didn't hold his hand with perfect information or more in depth tips and tricks. instead you told him that their is more to the game and mechanics and there tons of things you are yet to discover.(shadow boxes). Moreover this will mostly remove the need to open the wiki, since that i'm playing the game to unlock this info and i earn it in this way. and the info is enough for me to now open the wiki since i won't know that i don't know more if anything, i will feel enlightened. also, i suggest an achievement for unlocking all possible data entries.

wiki page for reference (look how i intentionally didn't mention most of the included info)

what do you guys think?

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Maybe in the wickerbottom rework (assuming the theories are true) she could craft an encyclopedia. You could hold it and inspect things to show an in-game wiki page. That might be too high effort for only being accessible for a single character but would be neat...

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Honestly having bestiary or some sort of almanac you could craft for the registered creatures you killed or befriended would be cool to have. Generally knowing hps of enemies and tips and what not. Might be a update if it were to register nearly everything in the Constant... But also would give incentive for new players to want to explore and see. Not to mention probably better alternative than learning most things from Wiki.

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