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Low resource planetoid world gen option

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Some people want more challenge in mid game. After you stabilize on your planetoid there are hardly any dangers that you need to worry about maybe except heat that takes 200+ cycles before it poses a threat and by then you can likely just plop an aquatuner turbine setup and basically delete the heat. Since starting planetoids have often multiple water geysers you just need to visit other planetoids for for seeds and critters and you are set. No need to explore beyond that.

Then i played on the irradiated forest cluster start and ran out of ore pretty early and thought: What if this planetoid didn`t have any water geysers but some less useful geysers. You would have to move to survive. If the teleport planetoid didn`t have renewable water as well you`d have to rush rockets and either move your colony or set up transport of some kind.

So i cam up with the idea for a special start option. The starting planetoid would have no water geysers but something like sulfur that doesn`t get play until you get sweetles and grubfruit and maybe a CO2 and polluted O2 geyser. There would be no critters except shinebugs. Starting biome would be the basic sandstone one and other would include the caustic biome (no dreckos) and the tidal biome. The rest would be fileed with the rocky biomes from the badlands worldgen in vanilla. This would give you enough resources for a start but force you to explore space by midgame.

The teleport planetoid would be a frozen one with no critters and no water sources as well but quite a bit of ice and brine ice. It would be the frozen forest type.

All the important resources would be on other planetoids but each one would lack something essential. So a planetoid with a lot of polluted water and cool slush would lack sand. Oil planetoid would lack food sources and dirt. Irradiated planetoid would lack oxygen sources etc.

This would force you to transport tons of stuff between planetoids making more use of rockets and payload launchers as well as make the midgame more engaging instead of just sitting and building up while waiting for research to be done.

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